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12-Month Millionaire: The Seminar


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Dear Friend… 

To fully benefit from my bookHow I Made $77 Million in Two Years- And You Can Too!" you need to have the 12-Month Millionaire Seminar. It’ll explain in detail all the tactics I’ve used to rake-in over $100 Million since 1994. Here’s how you can get the full, unedited recording:


I first announced this closed-door seminar on September 1st. It SOLD-OUT in 73-minutes flat. You should’ve been there.


At the seminar, I revealed dozens of new tactics I didn’t teach in my book… I further simplified some of the advanced tactics in the book… and I even leaked-out a few multi-million dollar tactics we’re using right now to make 8-figures a year!


Here’s just a sampling of what was unleashed at the seminar…


The product EVERYONE wants to purchase. Unless you’ve got  $10,000,000 in the bank… you’re probably NOT selling it!


A Delivery Envelope that I recently tested that brought-in 50% MORE orders! You can use this envelope for ANY product!


A simple tactic you can use to slash your letter shop fees by 50%- without beating them up on price! And check this out…


How to “OWN” the formula to any dietary supplement in 10-minutes or less- regardless of the supplement!


How I shipped over $7 Million worth of car stereo- (for free) without touching one speaker… amplifier… or CD Changer!


The ONLY type of Information Products that can make you a millionaire. If your info product is NOT on my list… you’re never going to make the BIG BUCKS!


A PROVEN… NO-BRAINER way to add Automatic Shipments to ANY product! Autoship is the easiest way to make MILLIONS!


When to use a 2-step ad… and when NOT to


The TRUTH about making sales using post cards


How to locate mailing lists for your product that can make you rich- BEFORE you spend a dime testing the list!


3 ways to know if a list is dog shit… or if it’s worth a test


The first mailing list I test


What you MUST ask your list broker BEFORE you ever test a subscriber list! If you don’t know to ask this question- subscriber lists will almost ALWAYS FAIL for you!


The only 2 ways to gauge Lifetime Customer Value


My “3-S” formula to come up with KILLER sales letters on demand… and how even a novice can steal my secret and create million-dollar winners- at will!


The ONLY 4 reasons why your prospects WILL NOT buy from your ads, sales letters, or websites- overcome these 4 objections… and it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to make the sale!


The one and ONLY time to use call centers to answer calls


A bag-full of tactics that make magazine pages JUMP off the page. Remember- the first job of a magazine ad is getting SEEN!


The ONLY type of advertisements you should be buying


How I made $9 Million from a $12,000 TV commercial!


5 ways to set-up your business so you’ll NEVER get into trouble!


The ONLY place to get a merchant account from when you need to be up and running within 24 hours! And what’s more…


Why you should never pay more than $20/M for full-page magazine ads… $30/M TOPS!


How I sold 65,000 stereo club memberships in 24 months- without advertising in one single stereo magazine!


The ONLY time I got a postcard mailing to make money for me


A special price that got me 200% more orders… at just $10 less


A new price that’ll always out pull your current price!


A TOP SECRET “report” to ask your list broker for- it’ll give you a 70% chance of selecting a winning list!


The MINIMUM price to make a 2-step ad profitable


The TOP 7 “types” of products I’ve made millions selling


The EXACT amount of letters to mail to make a test VALID


Gary Halbert vs. Vincent James: The 2 different methods for testing new mailing lists- which one is better?


If you own a local store… How to rent national mailing lists… only for your area. Example: All the InStyle Magazine subscribers in Las Vegas… or in zip code 89117.


When to roll-out… and when not to


The ONLY way to PROPERLY assemble a swipe file


Why you should NEVER meet your heroes!


When you should or SHOULD NOT hire a copywriter


How to EFFECTIVELY test your sales copy online- before you spend a dime mailing letters or running magazine ads


How my friend makes $10 Million a year online with 3 employees!


How my other friend sells $20 Million a year on the Internet!


EXACTLY how much you should pay your call center


The only time you should place ads in magazines


The BEST and WORST months for magazine ads and direct mail!


How to get a tested and proven inbound order-taking and up-sell script for your product- free of charge! And how about this…


What I did when I had 200+ calling me at the same time to buy my product


How to keep from getting discouraged when things do not work for you. I use this trick to keep me going- ALWAYS!


What’s selling SELLS- My secret for finding new products to make millions of dollars from!


How I built a $100 Million per year business with just $5400!


The absolute TRUTH about how I discovered direct mail by ACCIDENT!


The ONLY list broker I’d recommend


The ONLY small-run printer I’d recommend


The ONLY large-scale printer I’d recommend


How I kept credit card charge backs under 1%- even with 160,000 people on automatic shipments every month!


The 2 very excellent merchant account companies I used to process my $8,000,000 per month in sales- without a hitch


How to get a merchant account when you have bad credit… no tax returns… and even when you’re on the TMF (terminated merchant file)!


How I get $25-$50 back in sales for every 50-cent letter I mail!


The best online transcription service that can take MP3 files and turn them into typed words in 24 to 48 hours!


The BEST teleseminar company


The best online book printer


A SECRET website that tells you the most popular searched items on eBay! Find out what people are looking for instantly!


Discover what search terms your competitors are bidding on with this secret website!


How I made $80,000 a month- 100% online WITHOUT a website… WITHOUT advertising… and without eBay!


The CRITICAL question to ask BEFORE you test a magazine’s hotline subscriber list- don’t ask it- and you’ll get burned!


The EXACT format to use when laying out sales letters


The EXACT weight your sales letters should weigh. And…


The ONLY way for a male copywriter to sell a female


The TRUTH about my $60 Million paragraph- how I discovered it… and how you can use it with almost any product!


The ONLY way to create dietary supplements without getting into hot water… and the wrong way that’ll get you screwed every time!


A PROVEN way to save 20% on every mailing list you rent in the future! Save hundreds on test quantities- thousands on roll-outs!


How to become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE with just 4 sheets of paper! I did it… and so can you!


The ONLY type of sales copy to use on a post card


How to make millions giving away a FREE website!


Why I HATE writing copy for clients even when they pay me $15,000 and more!


The EXACT database program I used to run my $100 Million business with 500,000 customers a year! It’s NOT what you think!


The best way to “address” your sales letters in small and in large quantities


The ONLY reason you should pull your space ads at once!


The FOOLPROOF way to track your ads, sales letters, TV and radio spots with 100% accuracy!


How I ran a $100,000,000 a year enterprise “working” just 30-minutes a day! Ah- the easy life!


The proper size of a 2-step ad


Why I like to exclusively hire women- I’m sexist- and who cares?


If you’re new to direct response, where to start


4 things that would have prevented me from losing $48 Million in one single day! That day sucked big time!


5 ways to keep out of the “Bing” (that means prison)


What happened when I tested pre-sorted First Class vs. Regular full rate First Class postage- was it worth the savings?


My idea for the “Perfect” business- mixing online and off


How a homeless man can become a millionaire INSTANTLY! PLUS…


Jay Abraham’s headline that always DOUBLES the sales of every ad… every sales letter… and every website- every time!


…And there’s so much more stuff we spoke about at this LIVE event… it’s impossible to list them all. But as you already know from reading my print book- it’ll be jam packed with beef!


   All you’re going to pay is: 




$397 (with free shipping)


Why so inexpensive? 


Good question. Actually, there’s 2 reasons I’m not charging my usual $1000 or so. First- I want to give you a little Price Break. Second- I AM going to be charging $997 for this seminar in the future… but if you agree (after you listen to it) to send me a testimonial by email… you can get all this for $397- and I’ll even ship it to you for free!


Yes- this is such a KILLER deal… if I do not hear from you I cannot help you! If you want to make BIG money- this is a done deal!


Or you can send a check for $397 payable to:


Lifestyle Solutions, LLC

9903 Santa Monica Blvd.

Suite 494

Beverly Hills, CA 90212. 


Thank You,

Vincent James





PS:  Get the entire seminar for $397- w/ FREE shipping! But you have to order soon before I quit selling this offer! Click here to order now!


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